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Military Historical Society of Australia
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Book Reviews
A Woman's War

Jacqueline & John Dinan

A Woman's War takes us into the life of a mother during the Great War. It provides a unique and intimate perspective of how she and other women of her inner-city, working class community endured an incredibly difficult period of Australia's history.


A remarkable story…I heartily endorse the book as means of raising awareness of the chronological events of WW1.
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch

As there are so few books written about war from the point of view of women, this timely and wide ranging going to contribute greatly to the long neglected female perspective on wars, invariably started by men.
Dr Jonathan King (Military Historian)

I would thoroughly recommend it to be read in Secondary Schools
and by all women…and I will be passing it to my daughters and granddaughters to read.
Joan Spence OAM (President, RSL Womens' Council)