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Peter Pedersen

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                                                                                            Format:    Paperback
                                                                                            Pages:    600
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Ninety-five years after those fateful battles on a Turkish beach, this is the ultimate tribue to the ANZAC legend, including a rare collection of 15 beautifully recreated facsimile documents.

When the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) forces landed at Gallipoli in 1915 they had no idea that they had taken their first steps in creating what would become known as the Australian and New Zealand national character and a legend that would forever define them.
Through over 15 beautifully recreated facsimile documents, including maps, diaries, official reports, telegrams and personal letters, ANZACS at War shows why, more than any other fighting force in history, ANZACs have been praised for their courage, endurance, skill, good humour and comradeship. Beginning with the bloody battles of the First World War, and continuing through the Second World War, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War, up to the present century's War on Terror, this book explores how bitter conflicts shaped the national character and reveals the vital nature of the ANZAC's role in all the major conflicts of the twentieth century and beyond.

About Peter Pedersen

Dr Peter Pedersen is Senior Historian in the Military History Section at the Australian War Memorial. He has written six books on the First World War, plus numerous articles about the Second World War and the Vietnam War. He has led battlefield tours all over the world and appears regularly on Australian radio and television, including in the 2009 History Channel documentary, For Valour.