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Papers and Presentations
Military Historical Society of Australia
Victorian Branch Inc
MHSA National Conference Melbourne 2010
Paper presented by Lieutenant Colonel Neil C Smith, AM

Soldiers of BCOF

Dr Jim WOOD, who is with us now in the audience, got it right when he used the term The Forgotten Force. This, the title of his fine work on the British Commonwealth Occupation Force in Japan, says it all with regard to the Australians who served in the Force during a most uncertain and potentially hazardous period
My aim is to put a name to each and every Australian soldier who served with BCOF.
To provide an overview of history of BCOF in general, and those who served in particular, I will now screen a piece I wrote and delivered for TV.

TV Presentation
A TV piece followed which put Australia's BCOF commitment between 1946 and 1952 into perspective. A chronology of events and significant historical issues were presented while many individual personnel and/or their families who served in Japan were examined.

The BCOF History
We can summarise the history of BCOF as follows:

The Need for Recognition
    The need to remember BCOF more appropriately continues. This is necessary as.

What Recognition is Needed?

Current Situation
My work on BCOF can be summarized as follows:

    I have completed the Army BCOF Roll. If necessary I will publish this as I have the (Army) nominal rolls for the Korean War, Malayan Emergency, Indonesian (Borneo) Confrontation, Malay Peninsular and many other similar projects.
I am in no hurry to do this and remain disgusted with the interest shown in some quarters.
I have the data base here today and you are welcome to check any names of interest to you.

3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment in Japan
Celebrating Empire Day at Commonwealth House in Tokyo 24th May 1949
L-R: Mrs Patrick Shaw, Mr Patrick Shaw (Head of Australian Mission and British Member of Allied Council for Japan),
        Lt. General H. C. H. Robertson (C-in-C, BCOF), Mrs Robertson